new products are continously being developed and and this page features our custom made esters.


DIOLUBE 3001 is dimer acid based ester used in various lubrication areas. The excellent high and low temperature properties, high viscosity index and very low volatility provide opportunities where high performance is required.


Appearance at 25 C Light Yellow liquid  
Acid Value 0.4 2.0 Maximum
Viscosity, Centistokes  @100 C 12.4  
Viscosity, Centistokes  @40 C 84.6  
Viscosity Index (VI) 143  
Color, Gardner 7 8 Maximum
Moisture, % 0.05 0.1 Maximum
Pour Point, C -36  
Flash Point, C 305 299 C Minimum
Fire Point, C 337  
Specific Gravity, @ 25 C/25 C 0.904  
Major Uses Gear lubricants, heat transfer fluids, metal forming fluids and high performance industrial fluids.  
Shipping Data Tank cars, tank trucks and 55 gallon closed head steel drums  
DOT Shipping Classification Non-hazardous.  



Diolube esters have an almost unlimited shelf life when properly stored in closed containers. Always refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for detailed information on handling and disposal.



Diolube esters are available in bulk, tank trucks or rail cars.