cosmetic esters


CAS No. 70225-05-7




TDTM Tridecyl Trimellitate is a special emollient ester produced from tri-decyl alcohol and trimellitic acid.  This non-ionic liquid product is uncommonly stable to hydrolysis over a wide pH range and is compatible with all anionic, cationic and nonionic surfactants and other components of personal care and cosmetic formulations.



The heavy, syrupy viscosity of Tridecyl Trimellitate makes it very useful in personal care and cosmetic products requiring a soft, velvety after feel and is especially recommended in long term leave-on products such as night creams and eye area treatments.  Its low toxicity and clean-smooth feel make it a useful component in the full spectrum of skin and hair care formulations. TDTM, when used to increase viscosity or “body” of emulsions, does not increase “drag” as do traditional waxy substances.


Since TDTM is odorless and tasteless, assists in uniform application of products, has a slight “tack”, and confers a highly desirable gloss, it is especially recommended for lipstick and lip-gloss formulation.  Attached is an illustrative example of a high quality lipstick formulation in which TDTM serves multiple functions: emollient, glossing agent, pigment dispersant and wax softener.


TDTM is approved in Japan for use in lipstick formulations to the maximum level of 7.5% (Heisei 6, 1. 17; Reference # KYS-06-C.)


TYPICAL PROPERTIES (Not Intended as Specifications)

Appearance : White to very slightly yellow viscous liquid
Odor : Bland, characteristic
Acid Value, mg KOH/g : 0.5 maximum
Saponification Value : 232 – 252
Density @ 150C, g/ml : 0.85




Primary Dermal Irritation (Rabbits) : Non-irritating
Primary Ocular Irritation (Rabbits) : Minimally irritating
Acute Oral Toxicity (LD50, Rats) : >5g/kg




TDTM is not soluble in water or highly polar materials.  It is soluble in and compatible with most common emulsion oil phase ingredients.  Additional information is available upon request.



Available upon request.



Closed head, lined 55 gallon steel drums, 443 lbs. net